Leading Edge

Rees Consulting excels in new and unproven markets including:

  • When there are no comparable projects.
  • Where neighborhoods have not yet been established.
  • When in migration is required for residential development to be successful.

Downtown Denver Housing Demand Study — This landmark report sponsored by the Downtown Denver Partnership and Mayor’s Office in 1993 opened the doors to the development of housing throughout Denver’s downtown area and the transformation of the urban center into thriving mixed-use neighborhoods.

Housing in Denver’s Gateway — Under contract with the Denver Housing Authority, we surveyed 3,000 Denver International Airport employees and prepared an in-depth examination of job generation associated with both on-site and periphery uses in order to estimate the potential size and characteristics of the housing market in the area around the airport.

The Holiday Neighborhood – This mixed-use development in north Boulder was unlike anything around it, changing the character of the area and leading to other redevelopment and infill projects.